Winter Juniper berries

Special Details About Juniper Berries

Female seeds produced by various junipers introduce juniper berries. These are green when young and purple-black when ripe. Many juniper berries are from four to twelve millimetre in size. Some species are larger it(20mm-28mm). The outer scale of juniper berries merged to a covering around the seed.

Those took about 18 months to ripe. Juniper berries are grown in the UK, Europe and similar northern hemisphere countries. It thrives on chalk lowland, moorland, in rocky areas and Western America. Most time it’s found as a low-growing, spreading shrub or small tree.


1 Juniperus communis(Common Juniper)

  • Major Growing Areas: North America, Europe, northern Asia, Japan
  • Sunlight conditions: Full Sun
  • Height: 0.3 – 0.6 meters

This is the most famous variety. Common juniper has unique needle-like leaves, rather than scales. Grows in alkaline and acidic soils well. Different regional called many names.

2 Juniperus drupacea

  • Major Growing Areas: Mediterranean region, Syria, Lebanon
  • Sunlight conditions: Full Sun
  • Height: 10 – 25  meters

Green when young dark purple-brown when ripe. largest seeds among all junipers. (20 to27 mm ) seeds fused three and the clustered male cones.

3 Juniperus deppeana(Alligator Juniper)

  • Major Growing Areas: Central and Northern Mexico, Southwestern United Status
  • Sunlight conditions: Full Sun
  • Height: 6 – 18  meters

Can be a shrub or tree. It depend on conditions of the growing area. Grows well with dry, rocky conditions.


  • Used in impart a sharp, clear flavour to wild birds meets pork and cabbage.
  • Used to flavour a liquor called jin.
  • To produce a sweeter spice
  • Use for medical purposes.

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