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10 Good Reasons To Add Spices And Herbs With Your Dishes

By using spices and herbs with our dishes, we can give great flavors and colors and dishes. Not only flavor and color, but they also have many medicinal values too. Spices and herbs basically rich in nutrition and antioxidants. Because of all these reasons, by using spices and herbs with our dishes, we can get more benefits. We leave 10 good reasons to include them in our dishes.

The herbs, spices, and other condiments are part of those details that can change a dish or give a small, unique quality and a more enjoyable and complete finish. So that we do not waste these ingredients, we leave you 10 good reasons to add them to the dishes.

1. They improve the qualities of the dish

The main advantage of using aromatic herbs, spices, or other condiments in our dishes, they improve the various qualities of our recipes. Mainly they allow us to add flavor, color, and aroma to the preparations, giving it a difference and a better appearance.

There are dishes in which we can’t stop using certain condiments or herbs so that we really get the traditional recipe that we know. Therefore, an excellent reason to use herbs and spices in our kitchen is to achieve the flavor, aroma, and color that we desire in our preparations.

2. Add vitamins to recipes

These small ingredients, even used in minute proportions, improve the flavor and color of the dishes, and add good nutrients. Many herbs and spices can obtain valuable vitamins for the body.

For example,

  • From parsley, we can obtain vitamin C 
  • From coriander and basil or paprika we can gain considerable amounts of vitamin A and carotenes

The last thing just mentioned of the vitamin that protects the health of the skin and eyes.

3. They are a source of antioxidants

Oregano, thyme, rosemary, sage, and cloves had classified as aromatic plants and spices with the highest antioxidant power. They also concentrate on antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin C and vitamin A, phenolic compounds that neutralize the effect of free radicals of oxygen in our body.

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On the other hand, oregano and rosemary have shown to favor food preservation due to their high antioxidants concentration. So that not only does their intake benefit to our body. We can also extend the shelf life of our dishes or other foods using herbs and spices as ingredients.

4. They offer important minerals

As well as being a source of vitamins and antioxidants, most herbs and spices concentrate important minerals to our body. They help with the health of the organism, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, or iron.

In this way, we can obtain, 

  • With thyme, iron
  • With laurel, calcium
  • With tarragon, potassium
  • With pepper, calcium, and potassium 

at the same time. 

So herbs and spices also help prevent nutritional deficiencies in the body.

spices with fruits have more nutritional values

5. Improve the metabolic response of meals

According to research, herbs and spices in dishes reduce insulin response and triglyceride elevation after a high-fat meal. Cinnamon is also known to promote blood glucose control. So it can be very helpful in preventing and treating diabetes, as some studies have shown.

Therefore, herbs and spices can make preparations healthier by adding nutrients and antioxidants and improving the metabolic response after consumption in the body.

6. Help burn more calories

Some spices have a thermogenic effect; that is, they can stimulate the increase in body temperature. It helps when a higher caloric expense of our body to maintain a stable temperature. Among the spices that possess this quality, we find pepper.

7. They contribute to reducing the consumption of salt

For people with high blood pressure, kidney or cardiovascular problems, reducing salt or sodium consumption is a priority. Also, the addition of spices, herbs, and condiments can help this task by highlighting the dishes’ flavor without having to resort to table salt.

Most herbs and spices do not concentrate on sodium or additives. But instead are a source of potassium, magnesium, and other minerals that undo the effect of sodium on the body.

8. They hardly add calories to dishes

As they are ingredients concentrated in nutrients and at the same time, they have a powerful flavor and aroma. They are using in small proportions, which is why they hardly add calories to dishes. Although they much increase the presence of proper nutrients in them.

If you are worried about the line and body weight, herbs and spices are not a thing that stops. But can even help you achieve healthy and nutritious dishes, without too many calories.

9. Help lose weight

They add nutrients without almost providing calories, but they can also be a great resource in the kitchen. If we are looking to lose weight, herbs, and spices favor the feeling of satiety.

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By completely satisfying ourselves earlier, we can eat less and better control our intake, which definitely helps our process of losing weight. Also, adding herbs and spices to healthy dishes makes them more palatable and favors their consumption, which can help our diet plan to lose weight.

10. They are very versatile and varied

A last and no less important reason to use herbs and spices in our dishes is that they are versatile, and we can use them in all preparations. In addition, if we do not feel like some herb, such as coriander that does not have many followers, we can quickly find another in its replacement that offers flavor, nutrients, and useful properties.

We can use herbs and spices in hot and cold dishes, in sweet or savory preparations, in stews, stir-fries, sauces, dressings, desserts, and many more recipes. There are no excuses not to take advantage of these ingredients in your dishes; on the contrary, we leave 10 good reasons to add herbs and spices to your kitchen.

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