You all know very well that today We are all very technologically advanced. So with this development, We have shifted to using artificial things, because of our busyness and ease of use. This has reduced the use of our natural resources. The main reason for this, I see, is that we do not fully understand the value of natural things and do not know the harmful effects of synthetic substances on our bodies.

I have a particular interest in studying natural spices, ayurvedic medicines, and natural cosmetics, and I am pleased to share with you the knowledge I have gained from exploring this.

Therefore, SpicesPlate’s main objective is to make you aware of how the leaves, flowers, roots, etc. that exist in our natural environment contribute to the many benefits such as enhancing our food flavor and enhancing the nature of our image and our lives.

So if you’re learning something new from SpicesPlate, it’s fulfilled my expectations.


Donald A. Sorensen